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Submitter Solutions

Services for Providers, Hospitals, Clinics, Billing Company

WorkCompEDI offers numerous tools and services providing vigorous electronic connectivity to the workers compensation, automotive and personal injury/no-fault markets. For a single per-bill fee and a month-to-month contract (no setup fees, no monthly minimums, no postage add-on fees) submitters are able to partner with WorkCompEDI to reach the most robust electronic access points through a single vendor as a one-stop-shop eBilling partner to simplify connectivity and increase revenue streams.

Our direct submitter solutions – iCompEDI™ , CompFax® & CompLink™ – allow users to transmit billing and supporting documentation to over 3,000+ electronic connections (2,200+ are directly connected to WorkCompEDI).

When electronic delivery is not available, WorkCompEDI fulfills its “All-Payor” capability by providing cost-effective print & mail services, which are enhanced by IntelligentMail™ Tracing & Tracking capabilities (similar to certified mail or UPS/FedEx package tracking abilities).

As the industry’s market leader, WorkCompEDI is dedicated to helping you meet your operational goals in a cost effective manner by providing automated products and services that allow your business to focus on growth and serving customers!

eBilling Services

All Payor eBilling ServiceWorkCompEDI provides electronic connectivity to over 3,000+ receiving parties (over 2,200+ direct connections to WorkCompEDI & 800+ through trusted partners).

In the cases where no electronic connectivity exists – typically smaller employer groups or third party entities – we are able to print & mail bills & supporting documents (1st class mail) on a daily basis.

With a single connection to WorkCompEDI, your office can submit all billing through a single point and avoid “downstream clearinghouse” hops for your bills, which create delays and possible errors caused by multiple parties handle your billing.

And when questions or concerns arise, work with our dedicated staff (versus calling numerous payor / bill review customer service departments) to utilize our existing fast-pass relationship with the receiver’s billing departments.

Bolstered by our “advanced transaction services” like IntelligentMail Tracing & Tracking (certified mail tracing capabilities without the hassles), over 1,600+ electronic Secondary Bill Review (SBR) connections, automated SBR processing (including custom form insertions and work flows), Direct to Mail™ (DTM), Secondary Party Serving™ (SPS) capabilities, and more, WorkCompEDI continues to be the leading choice for the work comp, auto and personal injury submitter markets.

Data formats and e-attachmentsOur management team has been providing clearinghouse services since 1991, and seen nearly all formats of data and communication protocols used in the EDI industry.

WorkCompEDI currently supports industry standard formats (ANSI X12 837/999/277/835) as well as custom formats (print image/comma delimited/XML/NEIC/more). Additionally, WorkCompEDI provides submitters flexible formats (Image+Index/275), transmission (SecureFTP/XML/Single & Bulk upload), and management methods (iCompEDI®/ API).

Coupled with values like auto-releasing with PWK matching, Proof of Service™ (POS) insertion, and instant Secondary Bill Review (SBR) Packet creation, submitters can feel confident WorkCompEDI is providing the necessary tools to further automate their daily operations.

Timely ReportsAlong with the 3,000+ electronic connections to submit eBilling, WorkCompEDI is able to return processing updates and final adjudication results in an array of formats (824/277/835/custom/human readable reports/more) and in a very timely manner (usually within 24 hours).

For bills that are sent print & mail (1st class; daily printing), WorkCompEDI is the pioneer in providing IntelligentMail™ Tracing & Tracking services which give a submitters a unique number that can be used to trace & track a bill through the USPS system.

As an advanced transaction service, WorkCompEDI offers submitters a simplified EOB-to-EDI services which converts paper EOB’s to electronic formats (835/custom) and can then be used to auto-load into submitter billing systems, as well as perform automated Secondary-Bill-Review (SBR) services.

Reports and IntelligenceWhile accelerated electronic communication is valuable, the vast amount of data flowing back and forth between parties can get overwhelming. Additionally, the timing of submissions and responses expose the billing process to preventable errors. WorkCompEDI provides submitters access to vast amounts of data through a simple, filtering tool (iCompEDI™) which allows users to mine their transaction history and identify potential issues.

WorkCompEDI’s CompDataAnalyst™ – a powerful “dashboard” system that provides notices about gaps in billing, variances to industry expected responses / payments and more – aligns a client’s relationship with WorkCompEDI and enhances the billing cycle process.

Submitter Products & Services

User friendly billing management portal for flexible bill & attachment submission, & status lookup.

Non-technical EDI processing service provides submitter single fax line to reach the entire workers compensation industry.

Flexible OCR/image-to-EDI conversion service that extracts data from paper EOBs and returns in any format for auto-posting into billing system – enhanced “auto-SBR services” also available.

Electronic SBR submission to over 1,600+ payors/bill review firms, including manual or automated SBR packet processing.

Insertion of “attestment letter” to billing for third party confirmation of processing to address timely filing constraints.

Processing of non-structured files for print & mail; includes growing EDI connections to receiving parties (lawyers, law enforcement, state agencies, etc.).

Processing of bills & attachments to multiple third parties through a single electronic submission.

Alternative to certified mail – ability to trace print & mail billing through USPS system.

Ability to track the delivery of billing to a receiving party (similar to UPS®/FedEx® delivery).

EDI processing for group health claims to thousands of insurance carriers and receiving parties.

Turnkey service providing single-point registration for work comp electronic payments from employers, payors and bill review firms.