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Vendor Solutions

WorkCompEDI is the undisputed market leader in eBilling clearinghouse space for the workers’ compensation, auto and personal injury / no fault industry. As a leader, we recognize the need for aligned partnerships with trading partners and software vendors that also reside in our market space. Our array of highly flexible solutions and services help our firm provide vendor partners countless ways of delivering EDI solutions and values in the work comp, auto and PI space for their clients in a way that benefits all parties.

Currently, WorkCompEDI provides private label and customized services to the following type of vendor partnerships:

  • Private Label EDI Clearinghouse Systems
  • Practice Management Software (PMS) Vendor Integrations & Interfaces
    • Aggregators, non-aggregators, hybrid
    • Direct bill to customers or just to vendor partner
    • Level 1 or Level 2 customer & technical support
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Vendors
    • Integrated eAttachment and medical record exchange
  • Bill Review Software Vendors
    • Integrated delivery and transaction exchange processes
    • Fast Batch, sFTP, or real time via API
  • PPO Networks & Repricing Companies
    • Central routing connection point
    • Multi-hop & format data exchange processing
    • OCR/KFI services available (fully integrated)
    • Private labeled EDI transaction or online iReviewEDI™ routing portal
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Vendors

Services Offered

  • EDI connectivity to over 3,000+ electronic routes for Work Comp, Auto & PI
  • Processing of all HIPAA supported & custom formats
  • Paper processing services to non-EDI routes (including attachments)
  • Customized attachment processing
  • Private label web portals
  • Custom workflow & document management
  • PPO routing & repricing (routing gateway or processor)
  • Pharmacy, physician dispensed and compound transaction processing
  • Customized printing services (interpreter billing)
  • Real-time claim # lookup
  • …. and much more!

For more information about how WorkCompEDI can help your company and its customers, please contact us at (800) 297-6909 x1305 or via email at

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