WorkCompEDI’s solutions and services were built with over 26+ years of experience working with the submitter community.  By Integrating traditional EDI infrastructure, faxing capabilities and document management technology, WorkCompEDI provides an end-to-end service to receive and transmit bills in a streamlined fashion.

Connectivity Simplified™

Flexible eBilling solutions for the comp, auto & personal injury markets

Benefits of Electronic Billing

Electronic billing through WorkCompEDI decreases the time you spend preparing bills with attachments, and increases your productivity and efficiency for faster reimbursement.

Because WorkCompEDI meets all state and federal transaction compliance standards, you’ll find your bills are submitted more accurately and you will receive fewer denied bills because of data entry errors.

Cost and Service

WorkCompEDI offers clients the lowest cost clearinghouse service in the industry.

With a focus on "Customer Service", customers will find a strong commitment by our staff to ensure complete satisfaction in their billing services with comp, auto & personal injury Payors.

Submitter Solutions


Submitters in the workers compensation industry are still submitting a large portion of their billing on paper (USPS mail).

Proof of Service™ (POS)

Proving bills were submitted within a stated timeline via print & mail is extremely difficult. We make it easy.

Direct to Mail™

Submitters are tasked with responding to third-party requests for documentation regarding workers compensation cases.


Submitters seek to send a copy (or copies) of bills to additional third parties after sending them for reimbursement to insurance carriers and bill review companies.

Automatic Secondary Bill Review™

States have passed mandates that require submitters to send Secondary Bill ReviewTM (SBR) or appeals using a pre-defined process that requires the inclusion of additional documents and applications for consideration.

Using a combination of WorkCompEDI solutions, you are able to submit all your bills and notes - to all payors - without setup charges or monthly minimum fees!

Your office is on a month-to-month service agreement at a nominal per-bill fee and there are no additional surcharges for unlimited attachments.


A true Work Comp EDI solution is at your fingertips – call our staff today to learn more about the EDI industry’s leading electronic billing solution.

  • Low per-bill charge (incl. unlimited attachments)
  • All payer solution (EDI & print delivery incl. attachments)
  • FREE web portal for submission & research
  • FREE transmission & encryption software
  • EDI to over 3,000+ comp, auto, personal injury payors
  • Friendly, Reliable Customer Service


There are many advantages to using WorkCompEDI as your all- Payor clearinghouse. The most significant benefits are a) one- stop-shop for all your billing (EDI and paper bills), b) enhanced communication to/from over 3,000+ Payors electronically, and c) great service. You now have a partner in the race to submit clean bills in a timely manner, along with enhanced tracking and validation of your submission. The industry average for electronic bill submission to work comp carriers can range from $0.85 to $1.00 per bill, compared to WorkCompEDI’s standard $0.60 per bill. Added values include a month-to-month agreement, free access to our iCompEDI web portal, no additional fees for support and valuable tracking reports that provide date & time stamps along with tracking numbers for each bill you submit (whether delivered EDI or paper).

Yes! WorkCompEDI always provides back an “Immediate Verification” report outlining each bill transmitted and whether it was accepted or rejected by WorkCompEDI’s front-end edits. Then, WorkCompEDI will pass back any information provided by the bill review company or insurance carrier, and in some cases even pass back electronic remittance advice (EoBs). Most importantly, you will have a record of your submission, including a tracking number for each bill, which provides immediate appeals validation when discussing timely filing concerns.

WorkCompEDI offers an array of ways to submit your bills to our firm for processing, including: 1.) output a flat file of bills and images from your software and send it to WorkCompEDI directly (using SFTP); 2.) you can submit your bills using our iCompEDI portal (using many formats, including 837, print image, or proprietary) and either upload your supporting images directly (as single images or a bulk of images), or you can fax your documents using the barcoded fax cover sheet generated for each bill, or 3) you can fax both bills and supporting materials to our firm and receive your reports back through your fax machine or through iCompEDI. We’ll convert the data to EDI for submission electronically to the right Payors. In all cases, you can use any combination of the options above to meet your needs!

You can use iCompEDI or submit a flat file of your bills, and then use our fax-to-EDI service to submit your supporting documents for each of the bills. Or, you can submit your bills via iCompEDI and then send us a single file of images with an index file. Even better yet, you can simply fax the supporting documents. It comes down to what is easiest for you and your office.

Yes - WorkCompEDI can provide you with a powerful submission tool that utilizes data generated directly from your existing practice software tool. Your staff doesn’t need to re-type bill information into another system or spend time stuffing envelopes. Simply use your existing practice software to create and submit electronic bills and images of supporting documents.

It’s quite simple – you use a WorkCompEDI fax cover sheet (provided by our firm), attach your bill and supporting materials and fax to the number at the bottom of the form. It’s that simple! Once per day, you’ll receive reports through your fax machine – these reports provide you the same valuable tracking and status information about your bills as if you utilized our other EDI solutions.

We ask that electronic transactions be paid by credit card to simplify our “automation” processes. As transactions are processed on your behalf, we track each record individually, and at the end of the month we invoice your credit card and generate a Statement that lists your current balance and each transaction charged to your account for that given month. If your group has high volumes, we can offer you a large submitter agreement that may offer you discounted tiered fees and generates a monthly invoice rather than charging a credit card.

If we fail to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction, and you wish to terminate your service agreement, we will fully refund any unused amounts in your account.

Absolutely! Using the same methods, products and/or services offered for processing your Work Comp bills, you are able to submit your group health claims through our medical division called GroupHealthEDI. Simply mention your interest to our dedicated staff and they will be able to provide you with all the information you need about our service.

Just call our dedicated account management team at (800) 297-6909 or email us at We can go over the options that best suit your needs and get you started on the road to saving time and money. If you prefer, please visit our website at and use our online registration portal to get started - we’ll contact you as soon as your account is ready to go!


Connectivity Simplified™