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WorkCompEDI is the nation’s leading clearinghouse for the work comp, auto, and personal injury markets. We specialize in bringing together Submitters, Receivers, and Vendors to promote the open exchange of EDI to accelerate revenue cycles that lower costs and increase operational efficiencies. Specialized business process outsource (BPO) services (mailroom/OCR/KFI/paper-to-EDI; document management systems & services; printing services; custom EDI translation and transmission services) enhance our ongoing efforts to deliver Connectivity Simplified™.

Our firm offers an array of flexible solutions and services for all parties (Payors, Vendors, Bill Review Companies, Clearinghouses, Software Vendors, Provider Networks & more) that facilitate connectivity amongst the integral parties of our industries, helping achieve the expansion and development of advanced transactions for the future.

Solutions and Services

Our management team has been delivering EDI solutions and services since 1991, having built the healthcare industry’s first and leading real-time claims clearinghouse. Our experiences have allowed us to process hundreds of millions of healthcare claims, deliver services to tens of thousands of submitters, receivers and vendors nation-wide, and allowed us to develop the industry’s most flexible clearinghouse for the P&C (workers’ compensation, auto casualty, and personal injury/no-fault) markets.

  • EDI Clearinghouse (submitters, receivers, vendors) for P&C (workers’ compensation, auto, & PI)
  • OCR / Paper-to-EDI Conversion Services
  • Document Management System (IMSLink™) Licensing & Deployment
  • Custom EDI Translation & Transmission Services
  • Printing & Fulfillment Services
  • Workflow & Custom Software Application Development (SaaS)

Experienced Values

As a clearinghouse dedicated to the property & casualty (P&C) markets (workers’ compensation automobile insurance, personal injury/no-fault markets) for over a decade, our firm acts as a universal gateway, aggregating transactions from submitters (directly or indirectly through other vendors or clearinghouses) addressed to over 4,400+ electronic receivers (of which 4,100+ are direct clients of our firm), and delivers them quickly and efficiently to ensure our clients and partners are paid fast. In the cases where we are not connected to the receiver electronically, our firm is an all-Payor clearinghouse that can print & mail transactions using 1st Class mail, and even provides IntelligentMail™ tracing & tracking numbers (like UPS and FedEx) to follow printed billing transactions through the USPS system. Our clients benefit because of the simplicity of supporting only one interface to WorkCompEDI rather than many different interfaces with other clearinghouses, and since we are constantly expanding its electronic capabilities as the industry gradually moves towards a “paperless” processes, we are continuously inventing and offering “Advanced Transaction Services” that convert manual, paper or telephonic activities into 2-way electronic transaction exchanges., like electronic appeals (secondary bill reviews), remittance advices (EOR/EOB) and can process electronic funds payments using an array of services (check, virtual card, ACH/EFT) if a receiver client is interested in paying providers via bundled electronic fund transfers. Other valued and cutting edge solutions include new products like ResolutionManager™, dtmEDI™, iReviewEDI™, iCompEDI®, CompLink™, CompFax®, and services like Secondary-Party-Serving™, Proof-of-Service™, and Direct-to-Mail™ We employ highly skilled and experienced operational, technical, support and integration specialists personnel who are experienced in transitioning our customers away from a manual, paper-based work environment. And although our current electronic data transmission strategy is centered on the use of accepted national and industry standard formats however, we also specialize in “custom standard” formats and methods of connectivity as well.

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