EDI Clearinghouse Services

Helping receivers, submitters and vendors streamline their business

WorkCompEDI is the workers’ compensation, auto and personal injury / no fault market leading billing clearinghouse vendor, bringing together submitters, receivers, and vendors through a single connection point to enhance two-way communication, reduce costs and accelerate revenue cycles.

WorkCompEDI solutions streamline jurisdictional ASC X12N 837 processing of Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical bills, along with supporting attachment documents, to the largest offering of electronic connections in the industry.  Partners experience reductions in manual mail processing and lower costs.  More automation provides enhanced billing accuracy and shortened payment cycles.

Reduced expenses and increased staff productivity become a bonus to finding that connectivity for enhanced billing services to the workers’ compensation industry has finally been simplified.

Key Service Features

Whether you seek to send send professional, institutional, dental, split or other billing quickly for the fastest possible reimbursement, or you are looking for ways to enhance your existing billing processes by validating  your transactions more efficiently.  WorkCompEDI’s all-Payor clearinghouse delivers value added eBilling services that will enhance your billing processes.  Eliminate lost medical billing and uncertainty regarding bill status.  Boost productivity and gain insight into why bills are rejected and receive clear, plain-English instructions on what to correct.

  • 3,100+ electronic delivery routes available (2,800+ direct)
  • Low per-bill processing fee with no cost for attachments
    • Up to fifty (50) page attachments per bill accepted
    • No setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden costs
    • No long term contracts (month to month service)
  • Print & mail service for non-EDI routes offered at same cost as EDI (no additional fees for postage)
  • Use your existing practice management software tool to submit billing to WorkCompEDI
    • If not connected today, we will work with your vendor to get connected at no cost to you
  • Free access to our web billing dashboard system iCompEDI®
  • Advanced pre-adjudication scrubbing assist submitters in reducing erroneous bill submissions.
  • Toll free support available to investigate challenges with transaction payments
    • Enhanced integration and relationships with receivers help accelerate resolutions to challenges
  • Robust electronic responses provided by receivers
  • Electronic 835/EOR’s returned
  • Electronic Secondary Bill Review (SBR) submission to over 1,800+ receivers
  • Streamline your submissions process and see every step of the process

WorkCompEDI offers comprehensive and flexible clearinghouse services that address HIPAA transaction requirements, delivers flexible capabilities along with robust solutions for the provider community to actively increase EDI volumes and enhance auto-adjudication.

As the work comp industry’s pioneer of flexible EDI clearinghouse services, WorkCompEDI brings decades of EDI know-how to receiver partners, enhancing the opportunity for them to avoid typical pitfalls.

Whether it be individual submitters, other clearinghouses, practice management/EMR software vendors, or other third parties, WorkCompEDI provides a single connection point, allowing a submitter to use an array of formats and connectivity methods thus reducing a payor’s need to supply resources and expenses in an effort to achieve higher EDI penetration.

  • Support over 3,100+ electronic connections for receivers today (2,800+ direct)
  • Single connection point to entire work comp market
  • Highly flexible EDI Umbrella services provide partner simple directive point for new EDI submission requests
  • EDI conversion recruitment services provided to all clearinghouse partners
    • Active recruitment of partner’s paper submitters by WorkCompEDI staff
    • Activity metrics provided ongoing through SalesDeskCRM™ recruitment systems

To learn more, please call our dedicated sales staff at (800) 297-6909, or email us at info@workcompedi.com.