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iCompEDI® eBilling Web Portal

iCompEDI® is a powerful, web-based application designed to provide a simplified, end-to-end, single-source solution to submitters (single provider offices or large multi-location clinics).

  • iCompEDI® allows direct submission of billing in numerous formats (ANSI X12, print image, proprietary, other), flexible attachment submission (direct image upload, bulk image upload, fax-in submission, SFTP submission), with powerful tracking functionality through a single point of connectivity to the largest group of work comp, auto and personal injury/no-fault payors in the industry.
  • Bills are uploaded directly into iCompEDI® or submitted through a bulk process (XML, SecureFTP, API) and are presented to end users in an easy-to-view layout, providing simplified tracking throughout the adjudication process.
  • Transactions can be displayed and viewed in a variety of ways, including by submitted file, patient name, date of service, or many more flexible options, making it simple to manage billing efficiently and rework bill rejections with ease.
  • The searchable interface provides access to billing information in consistent formats, eliminating labor-intensive work of monitoring paper bills.
  • Implementation is easy, all data is automatically translated to meet HIPAA compliance standards and the privacy of transactions is protected with the highest level of Internet-based security to ensure your PHI is protected.

Benefits Include:

  • Fast delivery to receiving party (24 hours or less)
  • Higher first-pass success through bill scrubbing logic
  • Improved cash flow through clean bill delivery to receiving parties
  • Decreased phone calls for status updates
  • Reduced delays through two-way communication for accelerated corrections

Features Include:

  • Single-source solution for connecting with over 3,100+ payors electronically
  • Access to 2,300+ payors electronically for Secondary Bill Review™ (SBR) submissions
  • All payor solution – submit bills to be sent EDI as well as print & mail through one vendor
  • Simplify time-consuming business functions
  • Flexible supporting documentation submissions (direct, bulk, fax-in)
  • Robust bill tracking and appeals functionality
  • Secure access from virtually any web-enabled computer