WorkCompEDI staff have been performing technical EDI implementations for nearly three decades.

Flexible implementations that don't disrupt business workflow.

Our Implementation Process

Explaining the complexities of how clearinghouses work is overwhelming, let alone describing how an implementation process would take place. However a picture says a thousand words and WorkCompEDI allows its customers the highest level of flexibility to ensure a seamless implementation with existing workflow and operational processes. The General Implementation Outline diagram to the right gives a top-level view of what an implementation with WorkCompEDI would look like, and the approximate time it would take to complete.

Implementations are painless with WorkCompEDI’s experienced staff leading the process.  Whether your firm has a single delivery location using ANSI X12 format, your require complex workflow delivery of data files in custom formats along with image renditions, or you seek to have WorkCompEDI perform advanced pre-adjudication scrubbing and validation prior to delivering transactions to your firm.  Our firm has seen nearly every permeation of requests over the nearly three decades of providing EDI services and are ready to help our customers achieve their operational goals quickly and easily.

WorkCompEDI supports compliant use of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12N Health Care Insurance standard transactions, custom transaction formats, business-to-business (B2B) integrations, and robust workflow electronic data interchanges.


WorkCompEDI utilizes its enterprise document management system IMSLink™ that is fully integrated into its clearinghouse systems to handle, index and properly manage supporting document images received in support of electronic billing.  Robust workflow components allow WorkCompEDI to accept supporting documents from an array of submission methods and in numerous formats.


WorkCompEDI actively monitors the workers’ compensation mandate landscape, and actively participates with leading associations and state agencies to drive the use of EDI between all stakeholders to reduce costs and increase two-way communication efficiency.

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