Receiver Portal

A single & direct point of connectivity to all transactions aggregated (paper & EDI) with highly customized UI workflow screens for simplified custom processing without high costs or internal resource drain.

Easy Implementation

iReviewEDI™ offers out-of-the-box transaction management workflow queues for simplified access to e-Billing data

Dynamic Routing

Built-in routing to networks, bill review companies and other vendors simplifies operations and IT workflows at client

Claim Modifications

Repricing & claim data modifications (exceptions handling through iExceptionsEDI™)

White Label

Private label (white label) and integration capabilities (SSO, API, unique application by client mix type)

Ongoing Compliance

Ongoing adjustments and compliance with jurisdictional and EDI requirements are handled by WorkCompEDI without effect to customers.

Carve-Out & Router Portal

Receivers can use our Managed Gateway services (single source intake of all billing - EDI or paper), centralize and present transactions visually in iReviewEDI™ giving a client control of how transactions are received, processed and routed.

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