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Managed Gateway Services

We accept transactions from any party, in nearly any format, using almost any method of communication, so you don't have to! There is NO REASON to contract, implement, manage and maintain additional EDI connections to other clearinghouses or vendors — we can represent you to the entire industry easily and at no additional cost.

Supporting Documents / eAttachments

We offer a wide variety Software, Web & Interfacing of solutions for submitters and tcirding partners to transmit electronic tools for Submitters billing, supporting documents and attachments. Equally, you can choose to receive billing and attachment files in any format, including accessing them through our web portal systems (iCompEDI® and dtmEDI™) for simple retreival at your conveneince.

OCR / Paper-to-EDI Conversion Services

Helping round out your existing operations with the future of EDI capabilities, WorkCompEDI Flexible Bill Review Routing delivers a timely, accurate and cost-effective service to handle "paper" processing seamlessly with our EDI Clearinghouse. Why not let a work comp specialist handle your paper transaction conversion to maximize accuracy?

Bill Review Routing

Need flexibility in how you receive and re-route EDI? Ask about our new service it iReviewEDI™ and how other networks have benefited from allowing us to handle the complex and custom EDI back and forth between parties.

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