Resolution Manager Claims Gateway

Private Label EDI Clearinghouse At Your Fingertips

ResolutionManager™ is the first private-label EDI gateway with integrated Property & Casualty (workers’ compensation, auto, personal injury / no-fault) processing rules and guidelines that exceeds current-state transaction processing requirements with built-in flexibility and custom-standard handling to meld with future-state expectations. 

Highly Robust & Flexible

A customizable solution that delivers industry required interoperability (formats, methods of connectivity, security, workflows, reporting & intelligence) with robust customization capabilities.

Decades of Know-How

Created as a private-label version of the P&C industry's leading EDI clearinghouse engine, ResolutionManager™ provides direct access to the market's pioneering interconnectivity platform that was built with over 30+ years of EDI experience.

Ongoing Market Updates

As a SaaS hosted solution, ResolutionManager™ delivers a complete, turnkey product that continues to meld and grow with P&C industry requirements change or expand.

Regain Valuable Internal Resources

Clients receive direct access to WorkCompEDI staff with industry expertise which allows your firm to redirect costly and scarce internal resources to other projects, without losing the opportunity to move towards future-state desired goals.
Resolution Manager Claims Management

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