IntelligentMail™ Tracing & Tracking

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Submitters in the workers compensation industry are still submitting a large portion of their billing on paper (USPS mail). Without adding complex and costly ‘certified mail’ processes, once the billing is put into the USPS system, the submitter has no way of verifying if the transaction has been received by the designated third party, nor are they able to validate claims that the transaction sent did not contain all of the required documentation for processing.


A large portion of the industry sends out billing numerous times via regular mail (USPS) to ensure transactions are received and paid. This process bogs down a receiving party’s mailroom, creates duplicate processing responses, and adds delays to the billing cycles of the industry.


WorkCompEDI®  has developed an automated way to add a “tracing & tracking” bar code to transactions sent to WorkCompEDI® for processing, which a submitter can use to follow a transaction through the USPS system. Additional services by WorkCompEDI® (like Proof-of-Service™) will further attest to the receiving party that WorkCompEDI® has retained a copy of the documents sent and can verify for third parties what was sent (and when).


  1. Submitters send EDI billing through WorkCompEDI®
    • Payers send back 835 remittance transactions to submitter through WorkCompEDI® -OR- they send back a paper EOB/EOR in the mail.
  2. WorkCompEDI® transmits the transaction to the receiving party electronically (over 4,400+ electronic routes available today).
  3. If the receiving party does not accept electronic transactions, WorkCompEDI® will print & mail the billing packet (USPS 1st Class), and attach its IntelligentMail™ Tracing & Tracking identifier so the packet can be traced through the USPS system (like certified mail).


PROOF-OF-SERVICE: Submitters can choose to add a Proof-of-Service™ attestment letter (auto-generated by WorkCompEDI®) as an attachment to the bill which verifies that the customer’s billing has been received and sent by WorkCompEDI®  within time specific parameters, including the ability to reproduce the billing and its contents.

Just one of the many ways WorkCompEDI® is working to streamline billing and increase operational efficiencies throughout the industry