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A large percentage of bills in work comp are denied by receiving companies due to timely filing reasons. When electronic connectivity does not exist, submitters are burdened with higher thresholds of proof whereby they are typically asked to prove they have sent bills with supporting attachments within a specific timeframe. This is difficult to do using sporadic and non-traceable USPS routes. Without over-costly certified mail channels to add the necessary documentation, proving bills
were submitted within a stated timeline via print & mail is extremely difficult.


Submifters are taxed with re-submitting bills multiple times, delaying processing and payment.


WorkCompEDI® has developed a streamlined “third party validation” service whereby billing is processed through the WorkCompEDI® clearinghouse and an attestment cover letter is generated and added to the bill as an attachment. This states to the receiving party that the submitter filed the respective bill and supporting attachments within time specific parameters through WorkCompEDI® and we are ‘attesting’ to this claim.


  • Submitters send EDI billing through WorkCompEDI®
    WorkCompEDI® generates and inserts a third-party attestment letter as an attachment to the bill that verifies to the receiver that the customer’s billing has been received and sent by
  • WorkCompEDI® within time specific parameters.
  • Billing is then processed according to WorkCompEDI® clearinghouse routing logic and sent electronically to over 4,400+ electronic routes, or if an electronic route does not exist, the transaction is printed & mailed (on paper via USPS 1st class mail).


When the Proof-of-Service™ solution is combined with our IntelligentMail™ Tracing & Tracking service (whereby submitters receive a confirmation number from the USPS that a specific piece of mail was received, processed and delivered to a specific recipient without the manually intensive expense of using certified mail), submitters are able to prove and submit affirmative attestment that their billing was filed within timely filing guidelines and can provide USPS tracking confirmation as well!