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Submitters seek to send a copy (or copies) of bills to additional third parties after sending them for reimbursement to insurance carriers and bill review companies.


Submitters ore required to generate multiple transactions in their billing system, or are required to process the information manually and send via LEH mail.


WorkCompEDI® is able to provide multi-party serving fulfillment For clients who wish to transmit copies of their billing to additional party (or parties) through a single submission feed_ Using the combined capabilities of our clearinghouse and our mailroom Fulfilment divisions, we are able to receive a transaction feed from a submitter and complete the delivery of the billing between our 4,400+ electronic routes as well as fulfill a client’s request for printing and mailing copies to third parties,


  • Submitters send EDI billing through WorkCompEDI®
    • Additional recipient(s) are listed in the EDI bill sent to WorkCompEDI® in designated locations within the transaction
  • Billing is processed and sent to the receiving parties (WorkCompEDI® currently oilers over 4,400+ electronic routes to receiving parties)


PROOF-OF-SERVICE: Submitter con choose to add a Proof of Service (P OS) attestment letter (auto-generated by WorkCompEDI®) as an attachment to the bill which verifies that the customer’s billing has been received and sent by WorkCompEDI within time specific parameters,

INTELLIGENT MAIL TRACING & TRACKING: If the receiving party does not accept transactions electronically, WorkCompEDI® will print & mail the transaction (USPS 1st Class), and attach its IntelligentMail™ Tracing & Tracking identifier so the transaction can be traced through the UPS system (like certified mail).