Electronic Payments Fulfillment Services

WorkCompPay® is an integrated one-stop-shop solution in the payment marketplace, providing multiple delivery (virtual cards, ACH/EFT, eCheck and physical delivery & printing) and value added services.

WorkCompPay® Provides Value for the Payer and Provider

A focus on both the Payer and the Provider experiences improves Virtual Card adoption


  • Streamlined enrollment process
  • Complete Provider enablement program
  • Minimal integration requirements
  • Improved controls and reconciliation data


  • Eliminates Payer enrollment process
  • Reduced redemption effort
  • Lower redemption costs
  • Improved settlement times
  • Improved security
  • Data-enhanced transactions
  • Access to electronic remittance detail
These states already require e-billing for providers and payers:
Starting July 2018







Payment methods supported through WorkCompPay

Virtual Cards 2.0
Straight Through Processing

MCC code restricted, delivered securely through PCI-DSS / HIPAA certified compliant fax, mail or real-time directly to the merchant account.

Virtual Cards 1.0
Manual Processing

MCC code restricted, delivered securely through PCI-DSS / HIPAA certified compliant fax, mail or real-time directly to the merchant account.

Paper Checks – Print & Mail

Flexible printing process integrated with clearinghouse services to reduce costs and pivot providers to electronic payment services.

eChecks – Digital

Cutting edge eCheck delivery and acceptance process ensures 100% guaranteed delivery of payments and acceptance by banking institutions. Provider Relations manage Level 1 support and Opt Out process for our clients.

ACH Payments

For providers who elect to receive ACH Payments, WorkCompPay™ provides you with significant savings through our partnership with the nation’s largest ACH network. We provide access to more than 75% of the healthcare provider population, representing over $400B in delivered Health Benefit and Workers’ Compensation payments

How It Works

Bill Approved

Receive payment File from Payer. 
Payment funds are received via ACH

Bill Approved
Payments Processed

Match payment file to WorkCompPay Provider payment profile DB

Payments Processed
Payments Disbursed

Generate virtual card via payment networks using payment funds provided by Payer

Payments Disbursed
Payments Settled

Payment delivered to Provider’s merchant account via WorkCompPay intelligent routing table

Payments Settled

Interchange fee earned on each card transaction

Approach to Solving Industry Pain Points

Intelligent Routing

  • WorkCompPay always “knows” where to route the payment
  • Least cost routing increases provider adoption and reduces time-to-settle
  • WorkCompPay is a better “on ramp” that enables net new transactions on existing credit and debit card rails

Improved Provider Experience

  • Straight-Through-Processing eliminates Provider effort to redeem payments
  • Transaction prices can be further tuned to meet the needs of varying Provider segments
  • Eliminates processing fees from manually keyed transactions

Superior Payer Economics

  • Greater Provider utility results in increased adoption and higher payment volumes for our customers
  • WorkCompPay process enables Payers to negotiate with Providers to increase acceptance
  • Offers alternative transaction methods as complement to maximize revenue

Connectivity Simplified™